Add 14 years of Fashion design, 9 years of photography and 16 years as an Airbrush artist and you get one result:
Abiel Ruiz - An NYC-bred explosion of creativity. 
 With his unique and futuristic approach to Art & Design, Abiel's work can be recognized in a number of
notable outlets. The two most prominent ones being his successful urban yet chic clothing label VIE+RICHE PARIS
which he co-founded with his partner Fausto Montaño back in 2013 and now sells out of over 300 retailers worldwide.
The other being Chris Brown's Black Pyramid, who's design efforts have been lead by Abiel for the last 2 years since their license was acquired by Maxima Apparel Corp, which currently houses both brand's operations in the heart of NYC's Garment district.
His work has also appeared on TV shows such as Funk Master Flex’s ‘CARWARS’ on ESPN2,
& The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie-2014.Through his Art, he has also captured the likes
of celebrities such as Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, French Montana, Kevin Hart & Mayweather,
just to name a few. Many celebrities are also regularly spotted sporting his label, such as
Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Future, as well as an array of highly popular
Spanish music artists such as Daddy yankee, J Alvarez, Arcangel, and many more.
Currently Abiel has been putting some focus into inspiring others through his motivational blog
makelifedope.com, as well as a Fashion-oriented tech project named "Kneedle" which will enable
Fashion heads to find resources and connect via a mobile app as well as an online web-based platform.
For more info on that, visit www.kneedleapp.com
Abiel’s #1 motive through his work is to inspire and impact
today’s young generation to create better versions of themselves and become positive reinforcement for others.